the most overvalued mainstream investment in today's world

Which stock is most likely to crash and burn? Think of a popular company that makes very little money, if any, with a stock price (market cap really) in the stratosphere.

I’m thinking Tesla myself but I want to hear you all chime in.

I don’t think its too popular of a company, although it got some attention through the IPO process, but I think Box, Inc. (NYSE: BOX) is a disgustingly unprofitable business and I don’t see how it’ll get profitable in the future. Terrible business, but they have a lot of users so it’s worth $2B! (sarcasm)

LendingClub (NYSE: LC)

FB, TWTR would be two that instantly come to mind.

I heard from a sales guy that some of his big buyside clients list LC as their #1 short. I’m not sure if I would short it, as I view it akin to trying to short Amazon back in the day. Whether profits come time will tell, but the stock is going to grow the top line like mad. I think On Deck may be less risky short if you wanted a US Fintech

fb is actually making money, cant say the same about twitter.

Yeah , I could get behind you on the Twitter call. What is their plan anyways?

i think SALE is going to keep going down. i bet bro has been shorting it since the 30s

No I didn’t see that but lol for sure

BOX looks horrific as well but haven’t done any work on it yet.

+1. Sorry rawraw.

Its trading at 20x sales and 300x earnings. Nothing is worth that.

^remove juss one 0 in the sales and it sounds like amazon. FB and twitter i’d prolly bet against. Social networking changes like every 7 years. everyone remember xanga in ms/hs? how about myspace hs/college? and facebook for college/now? I feel like its only about time until they get replaced again. pretty competitive space.

WTW earnings in 3 days.

Prolly a zero brah… I kind of missed this one but wondering if it’s worth putting on a short here soon given it still has $1B of equity cap and has some serious problems that seem unfixable paired with a very levered balance sheet. Plus, retards on SeekingAlpha like it, and I generally enjoy betting against retards.

It’s technically 53x or so sales. 20x forward sales. And I didn’t say I don’t think it is over valued, but I think people downplay the high and consistent multiples tech tends to attract just for being tech

You consider LC tech?

I thought for sure you would say the U.S. Auto industry

The new generation seems to prefer Instagram over FB, mainly because their parents are on FB and that alone makes it unhip.

I’m bearish on autos but its not the worst sector. Though Tesla seems like an absolute piece of junk. I may actually revise my answer to TWTR and TSLA out of the large cap options. Tesla could destroy $20B of value in a calendar year no prob.

I’m also bearish on Tesla but can’t bring myself to bet against Elon.

fb owns instagram