The most stupid thing you have heard in the office

What’s the most stupid thing you have heard in the office (not necessarily finance related)?

I’ll go first.

This past week during a meeting with Risk Management, we were going over some valuation stuff using discounted cashflow method. During a break, I overheard the assistant fund manager (he has 4-5 yrs of industry experience) ask a Risk Manager “how does the discount rate increase/decrease impact the asset value?”

I’m still simply baffled how this guy has survived this long in finance.

i saw an interview with john mauldin years ago where he was fascinated about the inverse relationship in a bond. he actually writes content that a ton of old financiers read.

I heard a CFO say EBITDA stood for earnings before income taxes depreciation and amorization…multiple times in different presentations.

I had a coworker at a non finance job ask me, after unsuccessfully using a calculator and google how to calculate 3% of $1000 (thought about getting a CD wanted to know how much interest she’d get). I told her the answer, suggested she pay off any credit cards before since that interest is much higher… she was like great idea. I asked her a few weeks later what she did and she used it on a down payment for furniture (???)

2016 - “How are you going to celebrate the election?”

Forget the office, let’s talk about the dumbest statements on AF.

“Trump will be a disaster for the economy.” – Everyone but HP and Turd.

“You don’t lose money until you sell.”

This is a symptom of the need for validation and comparing yourself to others. You should meditate and up your tumeric consumption to get over this.

lol, triggered.

If you are triggered, you might need some healing crystals.

I have 2 :

At my job, my co-worker is convinced that he’ll make bank by day-trading oil companies’ stock. He becomes very confused when his positions don’t track the barrel price to a t.

A friend of mine claimed that his bank’s savings account was a scam because he put in money in December and took it out in January and didn’t get the promised 1,50% annual interest.

In private equity, every few months, some clown at a portfolio company or young analyst suggests we can reduce certain expenses by capitalizing them.