The necessity of getting 'new' books

While I consider myself sitting on the fence with respect to the Dec L1 exam, I wonder whether it will be necessary investing in the new curriculum should I need to rewrite in June. Would the 2007 books suffice?

I reckon find a provider that offers a “change in syllabus” guideline… i’m sure i’ve seen one around…

Good thing the decision has already been made for you. If you register for a June '08 exam, you automatically receive the official 2008 CFAI curriculum. If you’re talking about whether to upgrade your copies of a product offered by a third-party solutions provider, well, you could probably pass using products that are obsolete by one year, but for an exam that’s already difficult, why stack more odds against yourself? Don’t forget that using old materials also limits your ability to communicate effectively with other candidates. So if you post sample problems or questions about specific readings or pages, no one in this forum is going to know WTF you’re talking about. Anyway, just my $0.02, but I think the marginal benefit of new products outweighs the marginal cost.

You won’t have a choice for the CFAI texts. Agree with Bluey for Schweser, Stalla, et al.

I think what this guy meant is he already SAT for the Dec 2007 exam. So even if he does unfortunately fail that exam, registering to take the June 2008 exam wouldn’t require him to purchase the cirrculium, so he does have the option there. But dude, if I were you…I will buy the new books. I mean cmon, you spending another 6 months of your time and money for the exam, just shell out somemore and get it right, rather than stick with the old books and have something to blame/regret when you take the exams in June

Crease, I think he still needs to buy the books if he registers for June '08. CFAI website says that you won’t be required to purchase the books if you retake the test within the same year, i.e., June '08 and December '08. I’m pretty sure anyone taking the test in June will be forced to buy the CFAI books.

kant, my bad