The new layout

Making a comeback after being approx. 8 months in hibernation.
I love the initiative to improve the AF but…this layout…simply…sucks.

Btw…Trump’s response to corona has been nothing short of genius. Hail our Trusted Leader.

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You’ll get used to it. Anyway, welcome back!! :grin:

Yep good to see you my dude. What you been up to? Why you Mia?

Well said.


Well . . . except for the parts that he’s botched.

Like . . . nearly all of it.

+1 D.Trump. Thank you sweet baby jesus we have such a leader at our helm at such trying times!


My eye’s sight a beautiful sight of our supreme powerful leader assisting us, mere mortals, with our struggles! may CAPM to ever hold true!

u speak the words on the Creator