The newest, newest member of our family

Meet Geordie, he arrove today:

Too cute!!! smiley yes

Oh my precious!

heartthose pink paws that haven’t seen asphalt yet. Sheltie? Aussie? Border?

They will soon enough.




Rough collie.

13 weeks old.

Our older collie seems fine with him, and the two cats are terrified of him. So far, everything’s working according to plan. wink

Adorable! My parents have a 7 month old, those weeks go by so quickly. Enjoy the puppy teeth bites!


That’s how the dog would say arrived.

Holy cuteness

but I thought it would be a horse…

mad cute dog

Looks delicious. Be sure to use plenty of onions and garlic, and don’t waste too much time. Those dogs like to run and it makes their meat tough.

Strive, strove.

Dive, dove.

Arrive, arrove.


To quote: “Past tense for arrive, generally used only in low-education communities. Basis appears to a misapplication of grammar rules (e.g. using a similar past tense form to “drive”)”

Wow, the magic man getting killed on grammar and spelling lately. Early onset?

You could say the dog “has arriven”.

If s2000 got married again, would you say he has two “spice”?

As of Wednesday evening, he _ had _ arriven. Past perfect, not present perfect.

Only if he were a bigamist. Implying that he’s an idiot.

Late onset: if you tot up all of the years of experience on my résumé, you’ll see that I’m 170 years old.

It’s my current passion project. The Great Indian Troll Threat of 2015 seems to have settled down a bit, so my next move is to mentor S2000.

And you obviously know how much I appreciate all your help.

Very nice! I have a 15yo Korean Jindo and she has been a wonderful companion for the last 13 years.