the next steps

I just passed L3, have a regular membership, experience is already approved and I just paid membership fees for both CFAI and local society ($350 - oouch, it still hurts). I am not sure as to what are the next steps? Do I now wait for my charter? If so, usually how long does it take? I don’t think I have a complete grasp of what’s next and I’d appreciate if you can shed some light on the process/steps. Yes, I have spent reasonable amount of time on CFAI site to learn the steps/processes but couldn’t gather all I need to know.

I remember someone last year posted a link from CFAI where you can see your name with letters CFA after it in some presentation or flash format. Does anyone know of such link?

that link is here but it won’t be updated until after december. this link still only shows 2011.

next steps, from what i know, as i am in the same boat as you, is that we wait until september. we should receive an email from the CFA institute and the official charter should be mailed out. someone in another thread posted that he called the CFAI and was told that the charters could take 6-8 weeks to arrive.

@DoubleDip - Thanks bud! This is very helpful. Thanks for the link as well.