The Official 2012 CFA Level 3 Results Thread

Let`s wait the results here.

Over 2 months ahead of schedule?

Everything on time;)

We will e-mail your June 2012 Level III CFA exam results to you on Tuesday, 7 August 2012, after 9:00 a.m. EDT.

Not looking forward to this.

Now the real countdown can begin. It will probably be added to the AF calendar.

That makes it: T-Minus 49 days…

Did I get that right?


Damn I was just getting over the anxiety of the CFA experience. Now I see this e-mail and all that nervousness hit me again.

i believe this means this means results will be out a week earlier than last year…


48 days, 19 hours, 43 minutes and 52 seconds

More than that. They came out on the 16th last year.

@ Ilovegold: last year the test was on June 4, compared to June 2 this year.

Whoah, wow

Just got the email and I immediately felt that weird anxious feeling again.

anyone else find it odd that they sent an email to ensure they have the correct email address on file?

Not strange at all. Some people share email addresses (with work or a spouse). And while that might be fine to review general test information… they may want to actual results sent to a more private (less frequently checked) email address.

I had the same. I think more so when we get the result.

They say 9am but the results are varied, I received mine around 10am EST.

After 9am. Takes a while to send thousands of emails.

43 days, 6 hours and 55 minutes (give or take a few hours until your e-mail finally arrives)