The official GoT Thread (no spoilers, please)

So I’m on Season 1, Episode 4, and I must say that so far, I’ve really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I can’t really binge-watch it because of work right now. Maybe when the wife leaves for California I can spend several hours getting caught up.

Does it just keep getting better as the series goes on?

Please don’t spoil anything. All I know right now is that Boromir dies and Jon Snow dies, but then he comes back somehow and becomes a person of some importance. And I have yet to be introduced to a great deal of the cast (like Captain Phasma).

It’s getting crapped on a lot right now, but in total it’s still one of the best TV series of all time. Once the showrunners ran out of book material to rely on the show suffers a bit. Basically the first three seasons are comparable to the best seasons of Breaking Bad, The Wire, Sopranos, Lost, etc…Seasons 4-5 are still grade A tv. Season 6 has it’s moments but starts feeling a little different. And from then on the writing gets noticeably lazy.

However, the only reason people are so upset with the writers now is because we all love the show so much. So, yeah, it’s definitely worth watching.

G, at some point in the series, the TV show plot deviated from the book. This is because old geezer Martin couldn’t or didn’t care to write fast enough to keep up with big studio timeline. Since this happened, quality of TV writing declined significantly. There are a lot of plot loopholes and many characters are omitted or are poorly developed. Towards later seasons, a lot of character arcs were cut short abruptly or forgotten due to time limitations. A lot of followers of the series were disappointed because of this. I think the writers also put in a lot of scenes due to sensationalism also, like wouldn’t it be great if this army fought this army, or this character fought this character, and not because it made sense logically. There are a lot of cut and paste movie fight scenes, like one hero somehow kills 100 enemies endlessly, like it’s DOTA or something.

The show is still good to watch though, due to very high production values and mostly great cast, with the exception of one female lead, who is really unconvincing and gets annoying as a result. Tyrion is an all time great character in all media during the first few seasons. After that, I think they push him aside in favor of more popular characters… Some of the little kids actors look weird after they grew up, but I guess you can’t avoid that.

In general, this is really the golden age of TV. People only complain about shows like this because they got invested in the first place, and also because there is quality entertainment everywhere. Despite complaints, show is still pretty unbelievable and makes shows in other decades like Lost or something, look like pieces of crap.

No TV show will ever come close to the underlying pure genius creativity that King of the Hill could offer its fanbase. And as a native Texan, I’m not so sure why’d you ever want to spend time watching anything else.

lol how white ass dale has a brown son. absolute classic!

“I’m here to sell propane and propane accessories.”

-Jon Snow

I assumed that show is just like normal life for Greenman, so he doesn’t know why it is funny.


You’re actually a lot more right than you know. That is definitely the way life is back in Nowhereville.

Not that MIdland is NYC or SF, but it is quite a bit more cultured than a lot of towns its size.

Finished episodes 4 & 5 last night. (Season 1)

I still like it, but I’m starting to see one major flaw–there are simply too many characters and names to keep up with. I had this same problem with LOTR.

In real life, when somebody says “Minnesota”, I know what they’re talking about. When they say “Obama”, I know what they’re talking about. When they say “Washington”, I need clarification, but I still have a general idea of what they’re talking about. (Either a state, a “federal district”, or a historical figure.)

In GOT, when somebody mentions a “Lannister”, I have no idea what that is. Is that a person? A kingdom? A title? A city? A type of medieval torture device? A significant event in history, like “holocaust”?

In episodes 4 & 5, the writers basically doubled the number of people/tribes/kingdoms that I have to keep up with, and I’m starting to lose track of them all. I may have to watch the series twice just to figure it out.

we’ve all watched in more than once dear sir so its all good in the hood

I just text my sister and ask. Sometimes you go seasons without seeing a character and then they show up

Oh Greenie, bless your heart.

OK. So was the series finale really as bad as everyone is saying? Is it because the writing sucked? Or just because “your” character didn’t win the Iron Throne?

Remember–no spoilers. I finished Season 2 Episode 2 last night, so I’m still in the dark about a lot of the series.

It was like if in Harry Potter’s final book, Voldemort died in the first 10 pages, and the rest of the book was about the Quidditch World Cup. Ginny cheats on Harry with Dean Thomas. In the end Harry becomes a death eater for shock factor, and dies a tragic death while conjuring the grim mark. Everyone holds hands in the end and does a Bollywood dance off.

in bring it on, they did a bollywood dance off. and its arugable one of the best teen movies ive seen.

I thought it was good. Plot suffers but whatever

It’s a great show worth going through. I coudln’t keep the names and houses straight until end of Season 1. Reading the book accelerated that. It’s been a while but S1-4.5 are excellent due to the books as source materials, it drops off somewhere from 4.5-6, 7 had a lot of great moments and thats what made 8 so disappointing.

For all intents and purposes, I will consider the show canceled after Season 7 and the resolution a mystery forever until the books are finished.

grrm is 70. his last book was 2011, and before that was 2005, and 2000. so on average abotu 6 or 7 years per book. he has 2 more books that we know of. so about 12 years to 14 years. a 70 year old man on average has 14 years left to live. but old age can present many issues, and he will prolly need to have help to finish, if he finishes at all!

That’s what she said?