**The official mwvt9 is underprepared/panicking thread**

At slouiscar’s request I have created this thread to track me panicking. Feel free to add to it whenever I annoy you with my whining. My guess is that I will smash sloiuscar’s prediction of 100. This post will serve as +1. mwvt9 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hey ruckmani! We will find a way to get it done > (as long as you can endure my whining on AF). Seriously. Instead of the ‘days until the exam’ counter on the AF homepage they should run a tally of mwvt9’s “I-am-under-prepared-and-panicking” posts. When it reaches 100… it is June 6th.

I feel for you mate. Hang in there… from your intelligent responses that I have seen on this forum, you are way ahead of most… Keep at it and I’m sure you’ll succeed come exam day =)

Well, the world needs ditch diggers, too.

I thought machines did that now.

Way to ruin a Caddyshack quote.

Would you like to make that +2 sponge?

I propose a days until “you can not worry about studying and just drink a few beers at the beach” counter instead

Excellency, fiddlesticks, my name’s Fred and I’m a man, same as you.

I’m buying that you will PASS. You heard it here first.

Been here. Done that. Exactly one year and ten days ago, mwvt9 wrote: “You know how you get stuck sometimes and think you can never learn the material, but then something clicks and you can’t remember why you found it so difficult in the first place? I am waiting for the click right now.” (see: http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?12,682466,682816#msg-682816 )

Ha ha. Still waiting.

Dude (mwvt9) you are so prepared and clear with your concepts…I would go long on the contract (mwvt9 will pass)

After reading that thread I am wondering where ruhi is… anybody know?

There seem to be a lot of people missing from L2 last year…

I know ruhi passed. I talked with her after the exam. I haven’t heard from her since though. Who else are you thinking of McLeod?

Hmm… haven’t seen much of kabhii, jpm##, AFJunkie, 3_letters, thepinkman etc.

kabhii probably hasn’t started studying yet. pinkman changed his screen name. Not sure about the others.

has anyone seen Sterling around this year? or zimzim?

I am panicking too, just finished the curriculum and not quite sure what to do now!

hey jeks, check out the conversation here, about half way down the page: http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?13,939008 may help with some planning now that you’re done with the curriculum.