The Official Obamagate Thread

coming soon.

Can this get merged with the Turd woke thread? I thought we’d been through this already.


Did anyone notice that Turd said all the stuff he posts on there he doesn’t discuss with his wife… which I think is something … also probably is saving his marriage not mentioning that nonsense

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

He’s so woke one day the crazy is going to explode out of him and its going to scare her away. Ill file his obamagate with the tom delonge thing for now. BENGHAZI REMEMBER IT! WORSE THAN 9/11! SAD!

I’ll be here to answer any questions you may have Yayyy.

STL asleep at the wheel again. Down with multiple woke threads. Make AF great again.

how is this a woke thread? It’s just news. If this goes, then every Ohai post with a news article also has to go.

I have as many questions as there are important pieces of info in this thread: none.

yeah Sweep, today you’ve missed a Turd woke thread and a bidet reference. get your finger out, boyo.