the old stuff

so i’m going through the old essay exams, 2004 today. i’m finding some stuff that i’m pretty sure wasn’t covered this year… like tobin’s Q… and the extent to which tracking error was discussed. . but i wasn’t 100% sure it wasn’t covered or i just missed it… slightly annoying. at least i know the ips stuff is always relevant to this year’s test. what are your plans as you go (if you are doing this) through the really old exams and you have questions as to their relevance this year? (2003-2005)

I think on the answer sheets there is the LOS and what section it came from, so if you are questioning it you can always take a peak at the guideline answers and cross check it.

Was wondering if I should steer clear for that reason. Or like bf said just do ips stuff.

I took the 2006 exam today under 3 hr time-constraint. There was only one question which wasn’t really covered in this year’s curriculum. I just skipped that section and subtracted the 15 min from my time. The exam didn’t seem too bad. I took a pretty conservative scoring approach and came out with an 81%. Wasn’t 2006 the year with a 76% pass-rate though? I wouldn’t count on 2009 being that straightforward. Still, I think this was good practice.

Nice job McLeod!

Mcleod way to go. Congrats. :slight_smile:

not surprised at all that you scored that well, mcleod. i wasted today (as far as studying goes). took my daughter to the beach. apparently, i wasn’t the only one with that idea. was stuck in 2 hour traffic each way. at least she had fun.

You need those days to recharge SF. Get back at it tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and McLeod is like the figure four. Lock.

Doesn’t sound like time wasted to me. I actually spent all day yesterday locked up in a study room at the old college while my wife and son went to the beach… This is why we need to pass THIS year.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m confident that we will all pass this thing.

yeah, we had a blast. the regret didn’t kick in until i was an hour into the 30 mile drive… and yes, that IS why we need to pass this year. mcleod, didn’t know you were married with child! dude, i have no excuse now! your focus is unreal, man.

Hi Guys, where can I get the old exams at again, have tried searching to no avail. Thanks! and

Perfect, knew it was something like that…thanks!

Please don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the 2006 exam, it is very easy in comparison to subsequent years. That being said, rocking any prior exams is a big positive.

i can see why only 55% passed in 2005. but some of the los’s were different, so i’m not sure how many of the questions were relevant to this year’s. do we have a whole separate los on noise trader risk vs fundamental risk? i don’t remember it. it was pretty discouraging. on the positive side, i did ok on the institutional ips. anyone do this one yet? what did you think?

Man, I am still like almost 4 weeks from a practice exam at my current pace.

i probably am too. i’m not taking them like an exam, but like practice questions. I think there are too many discrepancies in the LOS’s. or that’s my excuse for sucking on them. there is still so much i’m shaky on, it sucks.

I took the 2005 exam as practice (not timed) a couple weeks ago. I remember there being a good amount of stuff that’s not covered for 2009. I’m probably going to review these tests again this weekend.