The Paranoid Android

Has the world just witnessed its first ever robot suicide?

Tedious housework was seemingly too much for one cleaning robot to take, when it apparently rebelled and decided to end it all.

The conclusion of this article is suspicious, as voluntary self termination by the robot would have violated the third law of robotics. Clearly, the robot was either directed to set itself on fire by a human, or sacrificed itself for the purpose of preventing harm to some person. There is clearly more to this story than is outwardly apparent.

well i don’t know if it’s the first “robot” to commit suicide, but don’t you find all electronics “self-destruct” after a relatively short period of time?

TVs used to last for decades… and now they go wonky after a few years.

Computers used to be more robust… and now they have hard and software problems after a year and a half.

Phones used to be indestructible… and now they break and shut itself off after a year.

^ The Made in China/India syndrome.