The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

caught the first episode last night on FX…gotta say its pretty good.

cant wait to watch more – An american hero Orenthal James Simpson is accused of a double murder

I have no real interest in watching it, but Travolta as Robert Shapiro seems like odd casting to me. He’ll probably do a great job, but just seems odd.

is this the best lockdown crime drama since Making a Murderer?

“I am not Black. I am OJ”

bro, you gotta watch it. i thoguht it was going to be crap but got hooked right away

It’s a fantastic first episode that manages to surprise you, despite sticking pretty close to how things actually happened within those first few days following the murder. It just goes to show you how crazy the circumstances surrounding that murder actually were, and how reality can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

The plotting and suspense are phenomenal. The actors playing OJ Simpson and Marcia Clark turn in fantastic performances, and I want to see more of Johnnie Cochran. The only real weak link is David Schwimmer’s performance as Robert Kardashian, which feels jarring. It’s not a focus of this show, but I hope they include less scenes involving the Kardashians and Kris Jenner, even though Selma Blair has a fun scene at the funeral. And Travolta’s inclusion as OJ’s lawyer is distracting, to say the least.

i rewatched the first episode last night - it gets better the more i watch it


Does it show OJ sticking it to Kris Jenner?

It was surprisingly excellent. The Madoff series was top-notch as well.

another great episode, trial should be exciting

^ I predict he’ll be found not guilty.

I remember where I was when the vedict was announced. Kind of like when the Challenger blew up.

^ I remember where I was when the Challenger exploded (HS wood shop), but not when the OJ verdict was announced. I remember watching the white Bronco “chase” and all the trial stuff, but don’t recall when the verdict was announced.

another great episode

another great episode

I watched it in real-time. Don’t think I can stomach another. The trial and verdict made me so upset I was about to set all the Volvos in my neighborhood on fire.

OJ’s innocent

that power move by cochran was BSD type folk lore. i wish i had half the cajones

Johnnie is my favourite character