The plumber in the WSJ!

He really blew it by saying their plumbing biz could make $250k+ because the tax returns they filed are in the $100k range. I’m sure they take cash under the table, as all contractors do, so they don’t have to report it. The IRS should have a field day with these 2 guys.

This guys world is basically getting turned all around. By the fifth or sixth time the candidates referenced him you knew every 24 hour news network was going to send people to rummage through every aspect of his life. Good bye privacy Joe!

IRS wouldn’t dare touch him since he has a direct line to The Man now.

The media sure has their priorities in the right place. Instead of further investigation on Obama’s “wealth distribution” response, we turn this guys life upside down. Did you know (do you care?) he was divorced, his first name is actually Samuel, and he has a tax lien on some of his assets?