The price of tuna . . .

$177,000 for a 513lb tuna . . . thats $345/lb . . . how in the world are these people going to profit on this ?! odd - I guess high quality sushi commands very high prices over there in Japan. TOKYO (AP) – A giant bluefin tuna fetched 16.3 million yen ($177,000) in an auction Tuesday at the world’s largest wholesale fish market in Japan. The 513-pound (233-kilogram) fish was the priciest since 2001 when a 440-pound (200 kilogram) tuna sold for a record 20.2 million yen ($220,000) at Tokyo’s Tsukiji market. The gargantuan tuna was bought and shared by the owners of two Japanese sushi restaurants and one Hong Kong-based sushi establishment, said a market representative on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to disclose the information. Caught off the coast of northern Japan, the big tuna was among 570 put up for auction Tuesday. About 40 percent of the auctioned fish came from abroad, including from Indonesia and Mexico, the representative said. Japan is the world’s biggest consumer of seafood with Japanese eating 80 percent of the Atlantic and Pacific bluefins caught. The two tuna species are the most sought after by sushi lovers. However, tuna consumption in Japan has declined because of a prolonged economic slump as the world’s second-largest economy struggles to shake off its worst recession since World War II. ‘‘Consumers are shying away from eating tuna … We are very worried about the trend,’’ the market representative said. Apart from falling demand for tuna, wholesalers are worried about growing calls for tighter fishing rules amid declining tuna stocks. The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas in November slashed the quota for the 2010 catch by about one-third to 13,500 tons (12,250 metric tons) – a move criticized by environmentalists as not going far enough.

I am not a tuna connoisseur, but i would reckon that 1lb would sell for around $20 USD. I cannot wrap my mind around this one! The one in 2001 sold for $500 USD per pound! Mybe they smuggle drugs in the large tuna and no1 notices!

Not to mention that you can’t use all 513lbs.

I would like to have tuna sushi for dinner with Sanka’s Mom to discuss whether the Sanka’s Stepdad position is available.

I’ve ate about every kind of cuisine out there and my taste buds love everything, but I have to say that good sushi is among the best food I’ve ever tried. Huge sushi fan

I guess they now have Kobe tuna to go along with their Kobe beef.

I guess people really pay a bit for sashimi. Blue fin is sooo good, it absolutely melts. I was lucky to have a good friend who is a sushi chef at an upscale restaurant and would let me eat for a reduced rate. Sushi is some of the best food out there in my opinion. This was from the guiness book of records. 2nd Most expensive fish In January, 1992, a 324 kilogram (715-lb) Bluefin Tuna sold for 83,500 (US) - almost 117 per pound or 257.72 per kilogram - in Tokyo, Japan. The tuna was reduced to 2,400 servings of sushi for wealthy diners at 75 per serving. The estimated takings from this one fish were $ 180,000. Source: Guinness Book of World Records - Millennium Edition

If you guys ever go to Tokyo, you MUST go to the market where this tuna is sold. It is by far the most amazing experience you’ll have in Tokyo. The only problem with going to this market is that to really experience it you have to go there when the market opens at like 5am. Which means you probably have to roll out of bed around 4am, but trust me on the experience part. It’s almost like walking on the floor of NYSE while trading is going on and nobody gives a damn that you are there.

lived there two years, never went to Tsukiji, I got my “sushi” elsewhere

bchadwick Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I guess they now have Kobe tuna to go along with > their Kobe beef. I was about to say the very same thing, there is actually another type of beef(the name escapes me now) that goes for more than the Kobe beef in Japan. The bluefin tuna is the most expensive sushi to go around, generally going for $80 for 4 pieces in upscale restaurants.

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