The Pride of India

Check out this BSD:

I thought this was about SRK’s abs.

We pay government officials to not do anything here too. At least this guy was honest about it.

Oh man that is really nuts. Imagine if he got multiple jobs and did the same thing

Interesting comment on that site:

This sort of thing happens often in India, but not quite to this extent. Articles in other media sources provided a little more context.

You see, promotions in government jobs in India are based strictly on seniority, with no allowance for job performance. Also, seniority continues to accrue even on a leave of absence. So, your date of initial hire is your main qualifier for promotions and raises.

Pay is minimal for junior workers, but more senior employees can get high pay, good benefits, and lots of miscellaneous perks.

So, often someone will get a junior-level job in the government. Work there for a few years, and if they get a better job in the private sector they take a “leave of absence” from their government job, so they continue to accrue seniority. The strong labor laws make it next to impossible to fire them once the initial leave is granted, even though they don’t come back at the end of it.

So, years later, they can come back and use their seniority to snap up the next promotion that comes along and using their old date of seniority they can quickly rise to senior management despite only having actually worked there a few years and having spent long periods of time on a “leave of absence”. Sometimes, if their job in the private sector is going well and they don’t want to return though, things like this can happen when being absent from work for ridiculously long periods of time catches up with them

This is as alien to me as taking only 5 days a year off work


Reminds me of the dude last year or the year before who was outsourcing his programming job, although he would go to the office everyday and just not do anything.

I remember this.


Some arms of the Indian Government can be amazingly dysfunctional. I mean, just stupefyingly so. Some are more or less all right, such as the RBI.

Well that because a legend called Raghuram Rajan is running it these days.

^ Even before then, it was the only agency I ever dealt with that didn’t expect a bribe and actually responded to work.

its the central bank!! they are supposed to be highly credible for people to actually rely on the money maket mechanism! the same probably goes for SEBI too

There are definitely parts of my job I’d outsource if it weren’t for confidentiality concerns. Optimal use of time.