The prospect of RIsk management

HI All, I would like to find out the opinion on the procpect of Risk management especially in the aspect of BASEL II implementation. Do you think it will have bright future in the profession? as compared with treasury department?

buddy, you should post this in general discussion forum not here.

Agreed that you’ll get a better response in General Discussion. Risk management is likely to be a growing field, especially as more companies find themselves in hot water, the institutional reaction is likely to be to beef up the risk management process. It’s good if you are highly mathematical and like to work on a lot of different aspects of finance, since you’ll probably oversee the process of several portfolio managers. It’s frustrating if you actually want to manage money, because you are at arms length from the portfolio managers who are actually doing the calls and pulling the trigger. To me it does sound a lot more interesting than Treasury, but I’m not so familiar with the day-to-day issues in Treasury.

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Probably good prospects. May get wedgies and thrown in a locker but still a good job.