The redemption of me and Good luck to all

For some reason, the need to write has hit me.

I have not studied yet for the day today, I guess I can count the hour and a half between 12 and 130 last night finishing the 2008 am paper and corrrecting it a little studying.

I believe the laws of diminishing returns are setting in but I wll continue to look at my hand written list, Corporate Governace, Ethics, GIPS and all formulae and my weakest area derivatives.

I am officially signing off from this board now and will not come back on here until August when results are published.

I have done all my prep. I have done the 2008 through to 2012 AM, the 2009 through to 2013 Mock PM, the Boston Mock for the last two years and all of schweser volume 2.

I just want to say to everyone Good Luck. This year is all about redemption for me,

Some time last year around July I found out the bad news that my hard work leading up to the 2012 Level 3 exam would be to no avail. I subsequnetly found out that I will never know what my 2012 results were and went through the grief of waiting on an answer for 8 months. Sometime in February I was told the penalty which I faced, although harsh in my opinion, it was a slap one the wrist as to what I thought could happen. I guess as humans it is natural to think the worse. I felt that gasp of air as if I was given a second chance to finish this thing. I have killed my self and studied like an animal everyday since. My redemption is now here.

In that time between July and February I developed relationships with others on this board who were also in my shoes and to those guys I wish you all the best on Saturday. Your redemption is here too.

For the rest of you guys I am letting you know, do not let the euphoria of Saturday make you do anything which contravenes the testing policies especially after the exam. Do not slip in any way.

It is easy to slip and you may not even know when you go overboard. You may think you can hide by your alias but you may have posted your personal email information online before when trying to acquire past papers.

Let your preparation and studying do the talking. Jeffsick is out and hopefully for the penultimate time.

Good Luck to all candidates at all levels

what did you do bro??

Good Luck Man

I am in the same boat- law of diminishing returns. I will not read anymore. resort to looking at ethics, gips and cheatsheets. lots of rest. i will be active till fri here because interacting with folks here is one hell of a review

Good luck to you as well. I also plan to resist temptation and not go to this site until August. No sense in reading what others thought of test as it will only add to anxiety.

Good advice and best of luck!

thats for sure. once friday comes and I peace out AF, I am not back till August.

good luck mate. this forum is helpful but it can bite you in the face when you actually only wanted to help ppl.

this poor guy has gone through a lot. may he pass.

Good idea on not coming back until August - that is probably a good strategy to follow. In the past I’ve always come here and seen people discuss certain topics - it always led to anxiety and doubting myself, even though I felt like a rockstar when I walked out of the exam room (ended up getting a very strong pass for L2 as well). Coming on here to speculate after the exam is just a mind game and it leads to no good. I will try to resist temptation as well and avoid this place until the results are in (or a few days prior)…

Jeff, you spoke my heart.

To people who is looking for last minute tip to pass the exam:

Be Quiet