The Schweser (Judas) Betrayal!!

I feel really betrayed by Schweser!! I have been very loyal in purchasing their study materials since 2005! Racking up their revenues to limitless bounds and they payed off i.e what I got was absolute success in level I&II ONLY! This is my third time round and my opinion is that their level III material is quite simplistic, taking away too much skin in the game, even after complementing this with the video CD’s by Mark Lafabra and counterpart! Trust me, I can give endless examples of where their guidance makes you totally underestimate CFAI’s exam difficulty!! Level III Schweser is good at dillusional optimisim, building in one self great amounts of overconfidence only to get a hell of a suprise form CFAI in the exam room! This time round I’m betting on CFAI material as the sure thing, however, not to sure what to rely on for practice questions / exams in the 3-4 weeks running up to the exam! Anyone out there who’s been through this?

Dang, third time? That sucks bro

I haven’t been through LIII before. But I did your same strategy for I&II. Those times I saved all CFAI Practice Q’s, Sample Exams, and Mock Exams for the last 2-3 weeks. Then I hammered through them night and day under real testing conditions. It worked for me on I&II but like you said, level III is a different beast. So who knows…

I used Schweser & previous CFAI morning exams only for Level 3 and passed the first time. Everybody has different experiences with each provider… I will say that the best thing that can be done for the exam is to use the old exams for the morning questions and not rely on schweser to teach you how to answer those questions the way the CFAI wants them answered. Other than that I think Schweser can be useful.

you got schwessed!!

niraj_a Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > you got schwessed!! lol