The selling

In previous bear markets, didn’t “dead cat bounces” and “bear market rallies” last longer than a day? It seems anytime there is good news, instead of lasting a few weeks, it gets crushed a day or 2 later. It doesn’t even give time for suckers to get long. For those who lived through the previous recessions like 1978-82, 1973/74, 1929-1938 (JDV?), has the selling been as violent and quick?

For the record - I was born in 1962. That’s a freaking long time ago but I have absolutely no personal recollection of the Great Depression. This is very like the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929. There were all kinds of wild gyrations in the market then.

Anyone sense apathy yet? 700+ drop would have been the end of the world 1 month ago. It’s a big deal. But it’s somewhat expected at this point. Apathy is setting in, IMHO. HOWEVER, it also seems redemptions are coming fast and furious. The public is deleveraging now.

It sure is Joey, especially given your widely publisized X-Box 360 addiction. Willy