The smaller weighted sections are no joke in Lev 2...

I think this may be the biggest difference between Level 1 and Level 2, for me anyway. In Level 1, the small weighted sections, Derivatives, Alt Investments, Corp Finance/PM, etc…they were, relatively, a breeze. Your brain could get through these areas without much strain and save mental energy/brain capacity for the meaty topics.

However in Level 2, Alt Investments, Corp Finance, Quant, Econ, etc, are simply no joke. You can’t relax on these topics b/c A. there is variance in their weighting on exam and could be weighted more, and B. there is a LOT to know in these sections (ie. countless different methods for diff situations, etc.). For me, FRA, Equity, and FI are not all that challenging, especially compared to the massive weights they hold on the exam, but all these little sections almost require the same amount of brain capacity to learn/master and individually they are not weighted that heavily (obv the sum of their parts though adds up…).



aren’t you a little old for this type of thing? seems high-school-ish.

I agree with you but more so on derivatives than any other, then probably portfolio management