The Snowball

While we all lament about the current state of affairs, did anyone pick up “The Snowball,” the intimate biography on Warren Buffett? I have a fresh copy in my hands

Is it new? Is it authorized? I’ve never heard of that?

going to get it after work…976 pages, whew

virginCFAhooker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Is it new? Is it authorized? I’ve never heard of > that? Yes and yes

I’m sure it’s going to be a classic.

Is this about Clerks?

ding ding NakedPuts!

I pre-ordered that sucker - but unfortunately (or fortunately) will not be able to read it any time soon because I am currently reeading the Sixth Edition of Security Analysis (on page 180 at this point)…so about 1/4 complete

Ooh, sixth edition. Have you read the original? Looks like some commentary by the value investing greats

ValueAddict how do you like that edition? I forgot it was coming out…book review!

pre order

I read most of the 34’ edition. The Sixth Edition is basically 200 pages of commentary from today’s professionals + the original 1940 Edition. So far so good. I recommend it.

i picked up a copy of “The Snowball” today. the market was down so much i just walked out of the office and figured i’d do something useful to commemorate the day. this book is even bigger than Kilpatrick’s “Of Permanent Value” which is a large collection of stories about Buffett.