The Source of My Pain

Some of you have been irritated by my long and repetitive posts where I had been drunk and acting like a lunatic. I am writing this post in complete sobriety so there is that. I am engaged to a beautiful girl who is also a Citizen and can speed up my process in here . She loves me and so do I,HOWEVER I have a few sides that she doesn’t know about and take pleasure in fvucking them every now and then. All is good. I also am seeking any other girl to fvuck just to give you a glimpse of my mindset. Around two weeks ago two of my sides dumped me and told me not to call them ever again. After this incident which to my despair and sadness happened around the same time I feel empty and shallow. I act very normal in front of my fiancee but other than that I am a total wreck until I can find myself some new pvssy .What should I do ?

Holy fck, your issues run very deep and boil down to your sense of self worth. People who value themselves in a healthy manner do not act the way you do towards women. My advice would be to come clean, break off your marriage and start from square one. You need to learn how to increase your self worth from the inside out. Learn how to deal with and overcome your feelings of inadequacy. If you care at all about your fiancé you’ll break it off now rather than string her along and fck her up long term. Be a man and accept responsibility for your actions now.

I got back with my girlfriend. I told her I cheated and I have been forgiven. She started crying and I felt really guilty and promised never to cheat again. Soooo lol I think that’s a wrap for me. No more hoes for nerdy. Another one bites the dust…

meanwhile my bitcoin friend is banging a really hot piece of Irish Mexican pussy. She is seriously a hcb, drives an Infiniti, offered to pay half of bottle service (even I didn’t do that and she’s a stranger), boobs are huge but I hear they are fake is a manager at a law firm, and usually dates real rich niggas millionaire status.

Anyways the girl above told me an incredibly sad story. She dated a guy for 4 year. On the 3rd year she found out that the guy had a wife and 2 kids with a third child in the way. She received a call from the wife and they had a passive aggressive convo. Then she called the dude and was like you asshole never want to talk to me again. He harassed for a month saying let’s talk and said that he was breaking things off with wife. And that he love her etc. she got back with him, but then eventually broke up when the dude went on a trip with his family. When I heard it I was like damnnn the dude is a savage and quite automatically I said respect… lol she had such a horrified look but honestly I’m a savage.

Anyways I realized this and would never want to be like that asshole guy. Such a piece of trash, but I also knew that that was the type of shit I was doing. Sooooo why did I snitch on myself? Well I figured win win, if she break up I can return to hollering but on the off chance she got back to me. I will literally pull a trump and I’ll build my wall around her.

some chick invited me to her birthday party at a club. I went but only as a wingman, this chick was throwing herself at me and I just talked about my gf story and she loved it and respected it! My ibanker buddy had the pick of the litter as my bitcoin friend was with the hcb. My girl couldn’t go as she has work today. I don’t so I’m just sitting in bed sending her gay ass texts lol

Also she didn’t cheat on me. Her friends did try to set her up with another dude. Lol those trifling bitches.

once a cheater always a cheater

Jesus. As in, wtf and you may need to find him.

I feel like a lot of people admit to cheating that the other person wasnt aware of, not because they want to the other person and the relationship with them to be better off, but because they want the burden to be on the other person of having to forgive them. Not criticizing or anything.

You are the source of this forum’s pain


I’ve started to meditate but all I can think of is the female secual organ. I can’t have enough of it.

This is an opportunity for you to realize you are not your thoughts. Keep meditating and when that thought pops in your mind, simply acknowledge it and let it float away with the intent to return to your breath. Anytime a thought pops up, observe it without judgment and let it go. With some practice you’ll learn how to detach from your thoughts and any associated emotions. You’ll then start to take control of your mind. You are the master, not your thoughts. With practice you’ll learn to maintain focus on your intent and not let other thoughts influence your mind. Don’t give up! Don’t get discouraged. You are not your thoughts.

atush driving hard to the hoop for poster of the fiscal year


But I wanna have all those women.

you might think you do but again that is just a way for you to fill an empty space within you. It’s true if you have no desire to improve you’re dead before you start. You need to identify some healthy goals first. Banging as many chics as possible is not a healthy goal.

I agree. Good quality shit post.

mate, just have a wank in the shower like the rest of us.


I fvucked some random person from Tinder last night and I’m not sad. I have to keep this up.

you’re lost bro. please please please end it w your fiance before you end up with kids and fck up multiple lives.

Why ? We have a good relationship. I am very discrete so she doesn’t find out.

try some oxyclean