The Struggle is Real

You think of a way to get a bunch of likes on your Instagram. You’re already super cute you think, but if you do something really funny you’ll be famous! Must think of something in room to use. Yes! Shirts! Ill just keep putting them on and look all big and it will be hilarious. I’ll get it all on video. So many likes!!! Shirt #3#4… ah yess this will be great … #5#8 … getting pretty tight here is this cotton? oh well #9#10 … oh no I can’t get this black shirt off… ahhhh my arms are too tired … ohhhh I feel like i’m dying … can’t breathe … but must keep contact with camera … i’m really crying! guys someone help me … ohhh but i’m in my own room with the door open and don’t want to leave the camera … must capture all drama … the struggle is real

Oh I think they like oh I oh I think they like me

T-shirt stravaganza, (Franchise, dem white tee boyz) Self made self paid We lounge around in our white tee Ashy black shirt well deep down to ya brown tee

haha you got a direct link.

Lol! Amazing.


Did she die?

LOL, millennials! :grin:

LOL. Get a scissors.