The thing that sucks the most!

Hi, guy: look what has been put on CFAI web Each exam costs US$50. Note that beginning with the 2008 exams, the curriculum and one sample exam will be included in the registration fee.

Been this way for a while, since June 07 exam…these practice tests are literally identical to the actual exam, I’ve talked to many and we agree that we were sure we saw same questions on the actual. Schwesser tests are good for review, but the CFAI practice tests are well worth it, with giving you exactly how questions will be constructed…they tend to be different than people think

I mean the curriculum which costs $300 to get will be free for candidates since 2008!

naivejoe, I don’t think the curriculum was free, it was included in registration costs and exam fee for those of us taking the test in June 08.

in an essence it is free for you. Cost of exam 500$, Cost of books: 300$ for us in 2007 Cost of exam incl. materials in 2008 = 600$ or thereabouts. So you have gotten something free, for sure. Maybe the “budding” economists on our forum can start something on “Monopolists”, Downward spiralling demand curves for the CFAI Material, sweeten the pot, e.g. etc. etc. CP

well for sure I won’t complain if i pass the exam

CP: don’t know when you registered the exam to get a cost of exam $500. my registration fee is close to $900, including some kind of program fee, which I didn’t get anything material from it.

the registration fee of 300$ did not figure in teh above calculations.

agree, downward demand for CFAI material. I wonder if they have a curve.