THE thing to know in Eco

Guys, im lost in Eco. Does somebody has something, short, simple, to understand and remember everything, Im so lost between all those curves…I need a trick to remember and understand how it works. You will just save my CFA. THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Cross your arms in front of you. Your left hand is demand, your right hand is supply. Price is on the Y axis, Quanity is on the X. That would be a start. if you see anyone doing this during the exam, you will know it’s me. LOL

For the macro stuff: Demand is always Downward sloping (2 D’s) Increase Money Supply, Decrease interest rates, Increase AD. Increase AD, Increase inflation (prices) There are very rough and ready basics tho!!!

Just a thought… If you make a cross… wouldn’t your left be supply (going up) and right demand (going down)?

not if you fold your arms and then look down, instead of holding them out… thats just getting confusing.

Oops, sorry, I will edit, I typed to fast.

The thing to know in economics is that you study the best you can and hope that you get enough questions right on the exam in order to pass the exam.

And go with your first instinct, don’t overthink econ.

I hate micro, macro i am “ok” on. Trick is to memorize the key relationships. I cant understand ALL the curves, but i get 60% of it. don’t forget P < ATC —> economic loss : ) -

Can any1 tell me where in the cashflow stat is cf from unearned revenue be booked?

amber you crack me…lol

econ can be the most confusing area in my opinion…especially when certain policies are not credible or not expected.