The things we miss

My wife took my 18 month old to the aquarium in Connecticut. It was the first time he has ever been. I missed it so I could study. I know its off topic and crunch time but I figured only you all could really relate.

I was dumped this weekend. 18 months and she these last few were just more than she could handle and it all came to blows this weekend (not literally but… ) ‘I feel like I am being taken advantage of…’ umm well yes I appreciate the laundry/cooking etc ugh… I am hoping she will reconsider next week when it is all over. … for a few months…

i know how you feel. I took 2 weeks off to study. I had to drop my 14 MO old son off at a day care everyday so i can study. I get 2 weeks off a year for vaca. That really sucked.

yep i had to cancel a paid for trip to south america with no refund because i felt i needed more time to study… 5K down the drain

I missed seeing a friend of mine this weekend whom I hadn’t seen in years. Hard to explain I couldn’t meet at a fave watering hole because of an exam. Felt like an a#%.

CFA Chap - similar experience in Level I. We actually ended up breaking up right after the exam in December as everything was getting too crazy and was going to start all over for LII (but even more intense studying). Sorry to hear that, know what youre going through. Try to put it out of your mind until the exam, and focus on passing until next week. I know easier said than done.

This exam made me realize the fact that if people truly care for you, they WILL understand…not a pretty way to test your relationship though…people would think you don’t care and you really won’t have time to explain…

CFA Chap, I had similar experience. I broke up with a guy right after I took Level 1 - acutally I was having deep doubt about the relationship (though it had nothing to do with my CFA studying) during the final two weeks leading to the exam. I could hardly concentrate on studying. I was exhausted (both brain and heart) and got sick for a week after the exam (in the cold winter). :frowning: And… actually, the breaking up with another guy this Feb servered as a catalyst for me to sign up for Level 2 (I was debating whether I should take it due to heavy work load). But I decided that I would rather doing meaningful studying instead of wasting time thinking about a failed relationship. Oh well - these things do exhibit some level of correlation… Be strong. Try your best. :slight_smile:

ZealVoyage: Next time enter into a relationship with a guy appearing for CFA… :wink:

Fortunately my bf has been through it and came out in one piece, but knows what’s involved. I can’t imagine the strain otherwise - it’s bad enough when we both know what’s going on.

smileyface, hehehe… maybe i should look for one at the exam hall this Sunday. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Thecondont I feel you, Yeah its tough… my daughter is almost 2 and its so hard when I am studying in the home office and she literally is asking me to take her outside to smell flowers…(its her favorite thing to do right now, I took her to Lowe’s to pick out flowers to plant for my wife on mothers day, turned into a hour and a half trip because she wanted to smell every flower there).

ZealVoyage: Sunday…that makes you Asian… (or at least appearing in Asia) :slight_smile: ATB for both purposes :wink:

I know what you mean with the daughter. My daughter is 15 months and just figured out how to walk. She walks right up to the office door and knocks and laughs wanting to play. It is so hard not to get up and play with her. I wear noise canceling headphones and keep telling myself this is for her. I hope in 3-5 years I’m right, otherwise I’m going to feel like an ass missing out on her life.

I know how it is studying with a child. I have 10 months old daughter and she can walk now and wants to walk the whole day… continuously hanging on my trousers or skirt. she is really sticking to me. and sometimes I think why not stick to her daddy.