The threads I followed

I’m not sure if anyone else has posted this yet, but here’s a list of the threads I bookmarked while going through L2. I labaled each thread with the bookmark name I gave it, so some of them are pretty general names, but they’re all pretty good threads with good commentary. I hope you all find them as useful as I did. Triangular Arbitrage:,897426 Swaps:,749056,750229#msg-750229 Pensions:,911230 Degrees of freedom:,920031 FRAs:,754042,754696#msg-754696 quant:,719358,719552= must knows:,739958 autoregression:,905960,905966#msg-905966 IFRS vs GAAP:,931752 uncovered in schweser:,936294 quant mnemonics:,941438 quant mnemonics 2:,719358 gaap vs ifrs 2:,949008 fsa adjustments:,723825 quant terms:,954671 BOP:,951435 tax rates (not in 2010?):,929905,949152#msg-949152 derivatives:,960221 read this:,949600 quant info:,965731 small points:,968306 econ:,969614 fsa adjustments 2:,968721 not in schweser:,970895 ethics:,982343 cta:,986949

If you want a list of topics that are in CFAI text and are covered in the EOC questions but are not in Schweser, you can download the notes I posted earlier.,1045676 Inside there is a file that contains the list of topics.

Thank you dspapo and eltia for sharing this compilation. I guess most (including me) have not started for L2 yet. But when we do, these will be some great pointers.

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Whao! these threads are very valuable imo. I will devote 3-4days to follow the threads and linkages back to the SS.

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