The topics i dread!

I just pray these dont show up!

  1. requirement vs recommended in ethcis ROS.

  2. Arbitrage with bid-asks (i takes me a good 5-6 mins) with a 50/50 to get it right.

  3. Emerging markets valuation…(Seems like everthing in their needs adjustments)

  4. DERIVATIVES - I throw in the towel on this one. especially swaptions, and arbitrage opps.

  5. The last two topics of FRA…Those warning signs and adjustments can get tricky…

Just interested to know what others dread?

except for 2 and 6 i’m with you.

porter’s 5 is a simple idea, but questions are not

The bane of my existance is Emerging markets, time series and international asset pricing.

Swaps used to be on that list but I feel I’ve “gotton on top of” them.

yes, swaps really isn’t that tough. if anything FRAs are tougher, but also not that tough. even swaptions is not a big deal. emerging markets is a nightmare, but i figure 90% of people out there feel the same way, so i don’t plan to beat myself over it.