The Tradeoff between short-term career progress and the CFA

First post and I’m looking for wisdom from the “Been There Done That” people on this forum. There is one issue I’ve been thinking a lot lately as I prepare myself to take this challenge: Pursue short-term opportunities at work i.e promotions or stay put and focus on the CFA for the next three years. (registered for L1 dec 14)

A little bit about me. 28 years of age, BS degree in ECON, recently obtained series 7/66, and am currently working at a brokerage in client services. Its a chill job which is great because it will allow my to focus on the CFA. Pay isn’t the highest high 40s low 50. But I believe that if I perform well I’ll be offered to be an investment consultant in about a year. And that’s the reason for this post. Being an IC is not easy at all. Very high sales goals. It seems like it would be very difficult to do well at that position and pass the exams (along with staying on top of everything else in life). Also I’m much more analytical then am a salesman. On the other hand I can see forgoing promotions as a mistake. Not only will I have to deal with a not-so-high-income but if I don’t pass well then I’d seriously hurt my career.

Any advice out there?