the triple crown

It feels good to be back on AF. I agree, it’s arrogant/excessive to start a new topic just to say hello to everyone, but you all are the reason I made it through LI and I wanted to say thanks for the help one last time! For LI, I set out to master ‘the triple crown’ - Ethics, FSA, and Quant - I had skin deep knowledge of everything else, but figured I could round up enough points to get by. What are you all focusing on for LII - what subjects are you going to nail in June, and are there others where you’re willing to just get by? My victims so far are Equity, FSA, and Ethics - I’m reading through the CFA texts and outlining, highlighting, etc, the stuff I didn’t do for LI. What subjects do you all think deliver the most bang for the buck?

I think you are right on with Equity, FSA and Ethics. However, I wouldn’t neglect any topic. Good luck.

ilvino, welcome back, man. same deal here. i’m counting on a definite strong score in ethics. and know i will have to dominate fsa and equity to pass this thing. to that end, i am taking the harris accounting course, which i didn’t do for Level 1. just started fsa today. i’m mostly reading schweser but doing all the problems in the texts to make sure i’m not missing something… probably will review the text more closely after i’m done w/ schweser if time permits. and ofcourse. practice tests. practice tests, practice tests. we love those.

Ilvi, haven’t seen you since ages here. I thought you’d left this forum for good. I would agree with you in FSA, Ethics and Equity. I’m following the curriculum for everything. Using some old notes of Schweser to get a general idea about the LOS. That’s it. But I’ll probably use the Qbank too. Currently, I’m done with Ethics, FSA, Corp. Finance, Asset Val…and doing equity Valuation too. I plan to complete Derivatives, FI, Port. Management in Jan and Econ and Stats in Feb. Then start all over again in March. Sounds like a very interesting trip. TMurf, where have you been? I’ve lost your phone number, thanks to my cell phone.