The truth behind food supplements

I came across this website (link below) that examines food supplements and gathers all the research and their effects on humans.If y’all are taking any food supplements I strongly suggest to check out their website.Based on their studies most of what people in the U.S are consuming is neutral in terms of the human effects.The plus side is there are a few relatively unknown supplements (compared to the better-known supplements ) that have very positive effects on humans.The most interesting fact I came upon was the little scientific evidence backing up fish oil and the idea that if the average joe were to use only 2 supplements ,fish oil would not be on the list.Anyhow, I hope you guys benefit from the website. (Sorry the copy paste link thing is not working).

no love for examine huh? I use it on a daily basis, its a great website and something i wish i thought of

It is truly a gift of knowledge.

Love it. Thanks for the link.

I have made so many changes in the supplement I am taking as a result of the human matrix section this site has. Ditching fish oil was the greatest part , one of the most overrated supplements out there. Palantir is a big fan.

Fish oil does help I think for elderly people, my grand parents health indicators all improved after regular intake of deep sea fish oil supplements.


I am happy for them, but you must understand that taking anecdotal evidence as proof doesn’t prove anything.

The good thing about this website is it does exactly the opposite of what you did. It points at all the studies and whatnot.

Not surprising. He tends to be a big fan of losers, e.g. Hillary.

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He didn’t say he is a loser, but he is a fan of losers.

I only said he takes fish oil.