The Tyler Durden Exam

I don’t know how you guys see it, but this exam wasn’t as tough as “promised”. Of course, there were these WTF do they want from me questions, but just a few from my perspective. Overall, I waited for the hard complex calc that I could not master but I finished easily 15 minutes before time the morning (even though written about everything and doublechecked to have discussed where needed etc.) and 30 minutes before the afternoon, again doublechecking to not have missed anything. What was hard about this one was the pressure I put on me during preparation, as I needed a second try for the 2nd level and wanted to avoid that at all cost for L3. Like preparing for battling a monster with a huge shadow but finally it’s just a cute puppy. I think the exam is the fixed variable (like Tyler Durden) and you are the variable determing what to do about it. If you really put your nose in the books and practiced a lot, he will go off in smoke, if you did not practice enough, he will kick you down the stairs. Sounds like easy logic afterwards, but somehow it’s hard to see it like that before you write it. Maybe, this is even good, because being scared is quite a good motivator. What do you think?

I agree. Test was not very hard. Way easier than last year’s level 2 and the 2010 morning session posted on the site.

Agree – the test required solid preparation. I gave level 2 in 2007 and haven’t been able to give Level 3 for all these years due to work pressure. So, it took me quite a while to get back to the groove. I think the last one month’s preparation is what might make the difference, I emphasize the MIGHT. Overall, the morning seemed smooth — except for the last essay question, where I think I might have mucked up. The PM was riddled with some ambiguous questions at the start of every new set – and once you crossed those, it went smooth. I’m quite sure about at least mistakes worth 30-40 points that I’ve made – there might be more – some trick questions that might have got me unguarded, who knows. As I was leaving for home yesterday, I remembered so many questions from AM and PM, and made a mental calculation of ones I felt confident about and they seemed to total 30-40% – if the principles of probability take care of the rest, I’ll be very happy. In fact, I was surprised that I remembered so many of the questions. It’s like I by hearted the paper – still find them lingering in my head and I know CFAI won’t be too happy about that!! LOL.