The Ultimate CFA Nightmare

I have sat for 5 CFA exams (just took level 3) and made the ultimate rookie mistake. I brought an unapproved calculator and did not even think about the calculator rule as I was practicing for the exam. Luckily, the person behind me let me use his spare calculator. I almost had a heart attack and could not get over the fact that, if I failed, it would be due to not having a calculator.

I later found my TI in my work bag.

45 minutes left. 6 question remains in the PM.

My mechanical pencil breaks. I raise my hand to ask for a new one. 10 minutes pass, they ask me if I have an extra.

In my head, “I don’t know the answer to that, I did not read it in the curriculum.”

I ended up taking the lead out of me pencil and breaking it half and then using what I have with my index and thumb.

True story. I will pass this test and this will be the story I tell on my current clients, prospective and former clients.

Dude I am dying of laughter. I would definitely be telling this to clients if I was you.

I know its the best way to finish off the level 3 exam.

Who brings ONE pencil???

Its my fault for only having one pencil!

But, yeah that is my story.

Isn’t it a violation of CFAI policy to either use someone else’s calculator OR to let someone use one of your calculators?

Could be wrong on that but thought I read that somewhere. Ask that #Hashtag turd, he seems to be the forum ‘Hall Monitor’.

Only during exam time it is a violation. I think if it is acquired before the exam begins you are fine.

I’m left handed so put my hand over the box I was supposed to write in so wrote in the wrong box! So had to rub it out and write again nightmare. Also made it well difficult to refer back to the question and write as my hand was covering the page. Had a stinker