The Unlimited pasta pass at Olive Garden goes on sale today at 2PM EST

Our time has come boyos​​​​​​.

Unlimited Olive Garden for only $300.00 - my GF is going to be pissed when she learns I spent this much money on this, but, I’ll have the last laugh… And the last breadstick :wink:

Heard about this, that’s a really good deal.

OH EM GEE!!! I need another person to get it with me though. cant be eating by myself.

anyways ist 10 bucks for it regularly. so you just gotta eat their 30x to hit break even.

If you go only once a day for a month, you’re good, after that, all upside.

Plus having the INSTANT upside of belonging to a more exclusive club than any black amex centurion card holder could ever DREAM of being a part of.

I had pasta at some food cart today, wish I had the pass cause it wasn’t nearly as good as OG.

hope you get it! i hear it sells out in seconds though so best of luck

Time to go long healthcare sector.

It’s tempting, but I’d never use the card if I bought it. The last time I was there, outside of work, was about 10 years ago. The past there is like eating pasta with ketchup on it.

I’m not trying to say it’s good food by any measure - I’m just saying, unlimited anything for only $300.00 ain’t a bad deal.

That being said, I had no shot. It was sold out as soon as I tried. Which is OKAY. I’ll just buy a ski pass instead.

Yeah, same and it’s not that close to my place… ill just spend it on ummm entertainment instead

What about $300 52 week pass for a gay sex club that normally would cost $3000? I don’t think you need the sex, but 90% savings I mean.

As long as you don’t mind bragging about it - which is the point. One of these things probably sounds a little better if you’re going to brag about it.

  1. unlimited pasta, salad/breadsticks 2) unlimited gay sex

dafuq. not same thing. why do people hate olive garden. i personally like it. salad is bomb. breadsticks are great. the pasta is good.

anyways 300 bucks for a whole year is a bargain! feeding yourself for 82 cents a day.

get the alfredo shrimp fritta gluten free rotini!

also maybe its a bunch of lesbians, which is pretty cool imo!

Do you even Maggiano’s bro?

need more information. is #2 with humans and is the cardholder involved?

and is pasta, salad and breadsticks code for something? toss the salad, grab your breadstick and dip it in the pasta.

Unlimited salad bar for 8 weeks for 100 bucks … what the fackkkkk … what a deal! Low quality salad bar, but I would have bought one. Olive Garden is kind of far from me though, so wouldn’t have been too convenient. Unless, I based my cycling around Olive Garden. Then, I would absolutely crush that place.