The wait...

Anyone else still awaiting results? I’ve been refreshing my email since 9am.

same here

me too. WTF? maybe its by last name alphabetical? My last name starts with a T.

I am still waiting in Philly. Last name starts with M

just called them and lady at cfa call centre told me they are still sending out emails. according to her, they will still be sending the emails in the next few hours, and she also kindly let me know that some email providers will have security systems in place which will delay the email by 2-4 hours. joy…

still waiting in philly… this is torture. i’m definitely going to suggest they stop posting results this way and simply let us fight to get into the online account, haha… the site may crash, but i definitely had my results before now last year for L1.

Check your spam box :slight_smile:

I already posted a new thread… .yahoo emails are delayed due to the fact they are sending them in batches