The Waiting Game - ER Associate Interview

This is becoming the most stressful week of my life waiting to hear back from the hiring manager about an Equity research associate interview I just had on Thursday. I can’t even study efficiently because I’m finding myself checking my phone/emails religiously to see if I got a response. I think it went ok, although every interview could be better and realize that immediately only when its over.

I am in financial operations right now, a CFA level 2 candidate, and an MBA trying for this transition into ER for the past 2-3 years since graduation in 2011. I have no hands on equity research experience and he knew that before having me come in after the phone interview. I tried my best to make it clear that I would work my ass off in this position if given the chance to prove myself because it has been a goal of mine for so long now and I am still working towards reaching it by doing whatever I can outside of work on my own time.

I don’t think there is much more I can do, except wait. He seemed like a really cool guy and I hope he is seeing where I come from, my will to work, and interest in this position. I originally applied to a 3 month internship position explaining how i was aware I’d be losing my benefits, and taking a pay cut, but it was a risk I was willing to take. He came back with a phone interview for a permanent role on his team.

Already sent a thank you letter, anything else I can possibly do at this point?

Did you ask how far along was he in the search process? early? been going on for a while?

If you had any good writing samples, you could send that

I know its only a few guys, maybe 3-4 including myself. He is trying to close on it very soon (I think this week). I had a phone interview two weeks ago and in person last week. I don’t exactly have any good writing samples or reports I have done available. The ones I had from college I had lost over the years. Honestly in my opinion I don’t think I can do anything else except pray he realizes I want this as much as I expressed in the interview and will do my best if given the opportunity.

Sounds like you gave it your all. Best to pray and wait. Good luck to ye.

Sounds like you’ve done all you can, nothing to do but wait now. Hope it’s good news in the end!

What state is the position for BCass?

NYC, Downtown at a respectable Investment Bank

good luck

DB? The waiting could be very long depending on the hiring manager. Sometimes this process takes several months. Its out of your control at this point kid. Best focus on the test.

focus on studies and get that L2 under your belt. If this one doesnt pan out at least you can reach out/or be contacted again and have some progress to show. There’s nothing you can do at this point except study. Goodluck!

Thanks Guys, hopefully all goes well

Put in your 2 weeks kid. Act as if!

Tell him you quit your job and starting at his firm next Monday at 7am. Then conclude by thanking him on the opportunity.

Here’s where it comes to a tight spot… I have a 3rd round of interviewing for an investment analyst role this friday. It’s a hybrid role between mostly consulting, and light investment research mostly mutual funds. I have a good feeling I will get an offer for this one. Although it is in the right direction for me (out of operations, and more towards research) it is not my ideal dream job like this ER role is. If I don’t hear back from the Equity Research associate position by Friday, any suggestions on reaching out to him about my “still being under consideration” before I get an offer from the other firm? I’m kind of just scared I get an offer, wait on it to hear back from the ER role, not getting the ER role, than it being too late and being screwed out of both.

if you get 1 offer, you get some leverage. let the other shop know you got an offer and see if they can speed it up. nothing wrong with that

It’s a good position to be in. You can afford to be assertive in the negotiation phase.

Honestly don’t care about the money. Right now its breaking into Equity Research and showing my worth. It’s what I’ve wanted to do for a while. I guess we’ll see what happens

bring the other offer to the table. Make them move on it, but it could backfire. i was in a similar situation like this before. PM if you want some more info.

Agree. It’s like asking for a raise.

My advice would be to maybe call the hiring manager and let him/her know you currently have another offer on the table but they are still your first choice.

By doing this you will either expedite the whole process with leverage OR know immediately if they are actually considering you as a serious candidate. Sometimes hiring managers drag out the whole process hoping for a better candidate to come along.

If he/she congrats you and wishes you well, you are actually making things easier for them as they were about to reject you anyway.