The waiting is as painful as the studying :(

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At least you can sedate yourself while waiting.

Actually it is more painful one i say to myself that i got 74 on CFAI i should be fine and the next I remember that i got 61 on scheawser live mock and i have the feeling that i will fail.

Twenty-twenty-twenty-four days to go…


You got horse tranquilizer?

The more you think about it the painful it gets. I was very confident walking out that i started looking at LIII essay format guideline answers before going to bed on June 4th. Now the uncertainty is killing me. I try to keep myself busy, and my 2 year old is doing a great job distracting me.

Been sedated since June 4th. :slight_smile: Being at work feels like being on vacation…

Yeah, the wait is painful.

I feel a sense of hopelessness when I think of the exam.

It didnt go so well for me lol.


The feeling is mutual. The day-to-day seems like a joke now. Fully enjoying the warm weather and not being locked up in my basement.

Studying wasn’t painful. It was fun.

Yup, studying was kinda fun.

The last mponth went like a breeze but this month is terrible.

“CFA exam prep time” you are missed

You guys are crazy. The waiting is the best part! No pressure to study ANYTHING CFAI-related. The waiting period is the time to kick back, relax and convince yourself you passed no matter what.