The Wall

…corporate governance. Was chugging along: reading, note cards, end of chapter problems. Then Jean had to ruin my mojo…!@#$er

GIPS hit me hard today. Once I finish GIPS I have to circle back to reading 44 and I am done with the CFAI texts!!! Then onto Schweser :frowning:

I’ll start next week. I got pumped because I thought this was a reference to “The Wall” music stores before they became FYE.

GIPS is a pain in CFAI. I am 22 pages and the end of chapter questions from completing it and my trip through the CFAI Text !

I just started studying and this is the earliest I’ve started studying for the CFA (june) exams…good luck all

remember the lifetime guarantee stickers? Is that still good at FYE? My copy of C&C Music Factory is worn out from all the repeated play to keep me pumped for studying.