The way forward

OK. done with syllabus except some econ and quant and Ethics. The Econ part will be done in the next 2 days and aftet that one hour daily for ethics. I can study ethics only this way and it has worked for me.

Have started review of Equity.

The method i intend to follow for all topics is

  1. I use Elan Study notes to read parts i highlighted in my 1st read as

A)difficult . understood it but need to have a detailed lookover again.

B) important . understood and will review.

C) just didn’t understand what the heck this concept is. try to read CFAI or any other source for this.

2)Practice Questions- Elan PQ. They are not in the Item Set format but good for review of concepts.

  1. CFAI chapter summary and CFAI EOC. For some topics have already done EOC and BB. Some of the BBs are simply too long to solve. the EOCs too i marked some which i could i could not follow the solution even.Some chapter EOCs i havent solved at all. Those will be solved.All of them .

4. Finquiz practice Questions…now here is where i am not sure what to do.The questions for each chapter are in item set format which is good but there are simply too many per chapter. For example the discounted dividend valuation alone has 7 item sets. i. e 42 questions.that would take a lot of time to solve. some of the questions focus on the minutae.

what do u think i should do?

I plan to finish review by 12th May and then CFA, ELAN , Finquiz Mocks but if i follow the schedule above i am not sure i can complete my review.

There have been suggestions to do the mocks right away but i have not retained enough in my 1st read to do mocks.