The way I understand record retention

Record retention is a must. The recommended is 7 years. So if I retain records for 1 year, I am not following recommended procedures, but I am keeping records, so this is not a violation. But if I am not keeping any records at all (i.e. trashing all docs after I’m done with them), then I am violating the codes. The reason is not because I am not following the 7 years, but because I am simply ignoring the Standard that says to keep records. True?

All i can remember about record retention is that you have to keep records for 7 years minimum hard copy or on PC i believe. Although considering my HD just crashed I’d recommend making backups :slight_smile:

If your company has not been around for seven years but you have kept records since inception you are fine. If you started keeping records several years ago (<7) to comply with the standard make sure you do not trash any prior to seven years.

I don’t think anybody quite has gotten this one right yet… In my understanding it is something along the lines of reccomended 7 yrs… and local law overrides the CFAI’s guidline