the weed industry

Thoughts on the hype?

Have any of you actually invested in it already?

My dream, (which is simply going to slip away like all of my other good ideas I lack the kahunas to capitalize on) is to open a pot butter company that basically manufactures pot butter in bulk for future grocery stores and dispenseries.

you’re getting in with the edibles. This is a good idea. Imagine popcorn with pot butter. you kill two birds with one stone. this is revolutionary

Yeah, basically instead of making the edibles, you just make the core ingredient which in small batches is a PITA, but on large scale would be pretty straight forward. I looked up the process for making standard butter and that’s pretty straight forward as well. So you simply incorporate the THC and then it allows people to cook with it. It’s also a pretty bland part of the business so it stays out of the highly trafficked cool and artsy segments like grow operations, parafanlia, boutiques and edible shops.

Very scalable too.

so why don’t you do it? i could see this being a staple in the industry. the ‘cool’ segments will get tiresome with the customer. butter as an ingredient leaves its uses to the imagination of the user. brilliant.

there are low barries to entry but still a great idea if you’re able to commercialize it and build a reputable brand

So basically, my fiance and I have talked about it, but I think I’d have to live in a legal state. That’s the biggest drawback at the moment. I’ve talked about moving to Colorado with her and if I had a good opportunity I might and then go from there. I’m in MA though, so if VT legalizes that would be a convenient option with better dairy supply too, I think.

I’ve got not active positions in this space, but in my college years, I participated as a venture capitalist of sorts, helping a number of young entrepreneurs scale up.

You should definitely live in the state. I’d grow my own stuff too and get the supply of butter.

I’m thinking more and more states are going to start legalizing it so your options will definitely grow.

i like the idea of a legal & regulated pot exchange like we have for other commodities

So our current plan is that if VT legalizes it (which looks imminent) that we will try to buy a small garage with a few peices of machinery and go for it. I have no interest in growing, so I’d mostly be looking to find a good supplier then produce the butter using the fines. I have a friend in CO who’s doing growing and he said as edibles and dispensaries popped up getting a good supply has become difficult so in that case I’d try to take a minority stake in someone’s grow operation for a set % of their produce. I’ve already got the brand and packaging planned out.

^you should team up with ACE


BS, come our to OR and we’ll set it up here. I could easily figure out the supplier through a friend of a friend who’s a grower (legit, no black market stuff).