The wording of the actual exam

Is that me or it is slightly different than anything we have seen? The emphasis of the sentence was a bit different from other tests, I got tricked by one simplest FI question and one FRA related question and changed to the wrong answer the last min before submitting, I have known those two concepts really well and thoughti got it right only rethinking and realize I made error, I know it is not a big deal but thinking all the hours I spent on those two concepts only to got in wrong in the end still burns.

Hm, I thought the wording was clear and the vignettes were short (thankfully, hate reading lengthy ones). I have to believe that the CFAI takes extra steps to ensure greater clarity and clarification on the actual exam rather than mocks or 3rd party prep material.

After getting used to the topic tests wording, the actual exam wording threw me off a little, especially with Ethics. I totally forgot that the exam is worded in a much clear and plain language to allow non-native english speakers a fair chance. But it felt it was a bit vague at some points and as if some additional info were missing.

I have to agree. I went so intense on the topic tests that the real thing just threw me off. I was expecting a certain structure to questions but the real thing was structured in a different way and thew me off. Dropped some marks this way when I should have nailed them.

I almost feel like I overprepared which is a wierd feeling.