The WordSmush Trend in Startup Branding

is annoying.

InfoAxe, Github, HubSpot, CrowdFlower

want to start a startup? register a delaware C-corp uner a two-words-smushed-together name.

I too agree that this is an annoying trend.

Let’s have some fun by coming up with our own fictitious, ridiculous wordsmushed company names. The more ridiculous and nonsensical, the better. I’ll go first: TurdBlossom.


Are you searching for naming ideas for that venture you were starting?

No Palantir, It’s all ready named, and launched.

I read a lot of startup sites, blogs, and books-- so I’m frequently exposed to the wordsmushers.

I proudly protested this trend by not using it in our company name or product name.

I think it’s a byproduct of being in the dot com era. Companies don’t like including _ or - in their domain names, so it just makes it easier if the actual company name is smushed too.