the z statistic vs t statistic

Would I be wrong to assume that the exam would not test or ask us to calculate a confidence interval using the t statistic since they dont provide the t tables but would rather focus on the concept like comparing it against the z static?

Yes you would be wrong. There is no point in comparing a t and a z, but lots of reason to calculate confidence intervals.

Joey are you saying e.g for a 95% CI and 9df and the popn is unknown and the sample is unknown we are supposed to know the value of the statistic BECOZ its not given in the exam, unless you are telling me they will provide the statistic. I know we are supposed to know the 90%,95% and 99% for a normal distribution bylhead not the t static! Hope i am making myself clear here

They will not give you the full pages of the t tableā€¦but few lines in which you should think and pick the right t statistic.

Thanks and thus a relief!