Theory of Active Portfolio Management -Treynor Black Model - What formulae are we required to memorize for the exam - what not ?

I am a bit confused. The Schweser " Professor Note" said we not are required to know. On the other hand, they test the same in the concept checkers.

Are the formulae for this topic going to be provided in the exam if it comes up ?

Overall what formulae are we expected to know for theTheory of Active Portfolio Management and what not ?

Thanks !

no formulas

seems schweser said it is not required to remember the formular

In the CFAI book, it says at the beginning you are “not responsible” for formulas from section 4 and on.

Look at the learning outcomes. You DO need to understand conceptually the steps in implementing the Treynor-Black model, how to test for alpha forecasting accuracy, and a few other things.

Schweser provides a nice summary of the steps.

Where does it say that you are not responsible for formulas?

Volume 6 Page 525 on the side