Theory on economic cycles

Does anyone remember where in the LII curriculum it talked about a guy’s (don’t remember his name) theory on economic cycles pertaining to the types of loans being made? Better yet, does anyone remember the three classifications he broke loans down into? The first type was your typical 20% down loan. The last type was a Ponzi loan where the only way for the borrower to survive is if the price of the home rises. I thought it was interesting was wanting to take a look at it again. Apparently it wasn’t interesting enough to remember. haha

Minsky framework if my memory serves me correct. I remember the first stage was repayment of P&I. The second stage was repayment of just I and the third stage was repayment of neither PorI. Something like that. It has been over three months…

this is the liquidity coldrum ( not sure how to spell it ) it is found in FI second chapter if i am not mistaken

Liquidity conundrum. The types of loans are hedge units, speculative units and Ponzi units.

yea thats it, thanks guys.