Is guaranteed to pass his exam. That is all.

joey…what about me, you came to me in a dream and told me I was going to pass *sniff*

I think you’ll pass the exam too. It’s just that people keep posting these lists without pinkman and I don’t want him to be sad.

yea been alot of those posts - I just know that AF crew’s pass rate will be significantly higher than the norm. Would be nice to know what the average level 2 candidates knows right now so everyone knows they know way more than the norm since we are comparing with the elite here.

Joey, you will pass if for anything, because of Good Karma, unfortunately I spent all mine stealing purses from old ladies and ripping the tags off of store mattresses.

Wow Pinkman… you got the guarantee from JDV… your golden now!

JDV, give zimzim some love. it’s a 2 man sweat-shop. they both are movin’ on up.

Somehow I think Joey will NOT pass L2 this year.

banni that is implied… if pink is in zim zim is there too. i don’t think anybody doubted them passing this exam.

mcpass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Somehow I think Joey will NOT pass L2 this year. JDV is going for his second CFA… Joey DVivre, CFA, CFA

pinkman totally deserves the charter…but the charter does not deserve him…:slight_smile: Betting good money he’ll pass this year.