there is hope

level II is definately the hardest level. though burnout often ensues at L3, it is IMO easier than L2, but harder than L1. godspeed. - builders

gonna be too close for comfort for me. still haven’t done any mocks. still haven’t gotten down the final section (portfolio mgmt) and swaps learned fully. got 2 weeks working part time…

well i do agree lvl 2 is hard. but basted on historic pass rate among 3 lvls, lvl 1 has the lowest average pass rate, follows by lvl 2, lvl 3 has the highst pass rate but i do thank CFAI for having only 60 questions per session for lvl 2… gotta love that scantron

I am worried, i’ll be out of time in both situations – first out of time to finish the curriculum – second out of time to finish the exam in 180 mins.