They approved my work experience

Submitted Work Experience Months: 48

Approved Work Experience Months: 48

Probably going to start crying any second - literally so joyed.

Just need to have a passing score.

How does it work? Do you need to ask previous (and current) supervisors to write reference letters? Or is it an official process through employer’s HR Dept?

Not official and not HR just submit a link with their deets and email and if they are both CFAs you only need two references but if not then three people. Everything is done online.

I got approved pretty quickly within like a week. Now just hoping for a pass. Fingers crossed.

I used a colleague and supervisor of mine who are both charterholder. The rest of the app hasn’t been approved yet, but I’m anticipating that part can’t be harder than the work experience tidbit.

Do your references need to sign anything?

I have about 46 months of work experience as of today. Is there any benefit of getting these 46 months ‘‘cleared’’ and submitting the last 2 months after getting the results and hitting the 48 month mark?

Well, I didn’t even though it was possible to clear your work experience like that haha

So what happens now? If you pass, do you only need to pay for the membership fee and as soon as you pay you would get the charter?

if I pass I automatically get approved for the charter. You pay your fee for every year you’re a member.

Yeah, 2 CFAs that are in the same charter (city)

I’m in Singapore. I have 2 former supervisors support me, Both CFA, but since one is in Melbourne, the other in HK, its not good enough. And i need a third one.

Silly rule really. Anyone else come across this issue?

Its an online survey they have to do.

Sorry for being ignorant - you still did not pay for the membership and you will get CFA charter automatically if you pass? That does not sound right to me. I thought that once you get approved and pass the exam, you finally have to complete the payment in order to be able to claim the charter. Otherwise, you can declare yourself as “Passed CFA Level 3”, am I right?

From where did you read that? Sounds like a pretty weird rule.

@ceo-10k : can you elaborate step by step on the website. i kinda confuse with the the website instructions.

If you applied, got approved, and paid prior the release of the results. On the day of the results if you passed you will find the three letter beside your name right away and of course you can use the charter immediately (update your LinkedIn and print business cards).

Applying for the membership doesn’t require passing level 3 or level 2, just passing level 1 is enough (plus other requirements).

I did this in May… paid my dues pro-rata to june, then paid renewal for the june-june year… i was overly eager…

like already posted, when you pass you get letters immediately if $$$ is paid

I’m willing to pay top dollars to get the results early, wish there was this option by CFAI.

Is it possible to get work experience approved and everything else ready (except paying the due) before the results release? Not willing to pay for the membership in case I end up not passing for some reason.

Exactly what I am thinking Codtrawler87. I am kind of trying to get everything ready before the results come in, except for the payment.